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Founded in 2011, Rare Crew is a growing software company delivering tailor-made solutions and services which help leading businesses push the boundaries of their field. Our teams of experienced professionals work with the latest technologies to create and improve on enterprise solutions which deliver measurable returns on investment for those who see the value in building and improving their IT solutions.

Worldwide, we work with blue-chip companies who are at the forefront of innovation across the entertainment, sports and fashion industries for over a century. We are as passionate about their businesses as they are and have dedicated ourselves to providing IT products and services to ensure the best value and ROI for those leaders of their fields.

Custom Development
Evolve your business by building a system that fits your needs. Our solutions are custom developed with an emphasis on quality, scalability and security utilizing the latest Microsoft stack. The implementation of tailor-made enterprise systems has been our core skill for over a decade.
Mobile Applications
When delivering applications to your business you might reach a point when a mobile-friendly design simply does not cut it and your users demand more. Don’t be constrained by frameworks and go for a custom iOS or Android system.
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Deploy advanced business intelligence and analytics to get ahead of your competition. We can show you how. From homogenous sources to complex APIs, our experienced team will prepare an insightful analysis of your business data.
Keep up with the fast-changing technological segment thanks to our experience and deep know-how in the field. No matter if you need new software architecture, are looking to improve your infrastructure or migrate to the cloud, we have experts to help you.
One tiny graphic element can decide whether the user will enter or leave. Rare Crew's UI/UX design teams use data to create designs that achieve your goals. Are you thinking of modernizing your applications? Speak to us as a partner to analyze and mock-up your new system.
Software Testing (TaaS)
Do you have a software project under construction? Talk to us if you want to work with our testing team to analyze your software. Our experienced testers will execute various testing strategies to discover potential threats or setbacks. An independent testing team is a good mitigation strategy to get your project delivered on time with minimal errors.
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